The Majestic
Mariner of the Seas

The Mariner of the Seas is one of five Voyager-class cruise ships of Royal Caribbean International and can accommodate 4,252 passengers. As when I wrote this note; the Mariner covered the router Port Canaveral - Nassau - Coco Cay - Port Canaveral on three days cruises (Friday through Mondays), and four day cruises (Mondays through Fridays); making it an exceptional weekend plan. THe Mariner has many different for of entertaiments for all ages; Children clubs for the youngest of the family, Laser tag, sports, and clubs for teenagers, to teathers, discos, and bars for adults.

Mariner of the Seas

Getting to know the Ship

The first thing I learned when I boarded the ship is that it has fifteen decks. Deck # 4 also known as the Promenade is the main deck for it has a shooping mall where I had quick access to shops, food, bars, the ship's front desk, excursions desk and travel agency. At the end of the corridor there is the entrance to the ship's main restaurant composed of three floors.

Ship decks



Playmakers is a sports bar located on the Promenade (deck 4). It has live feeds for most sports events including base-ball, basquet-ball, football, soccer, tennis, etc. Friendly staff and excellent atmosphere.

Schooner Bar

Sometimes I like to have a drink, talk to friends, and listen to not so loud music. The Shooner Bar is a small piano-bar decorated as a nineteen century sailing boat (a shooner is a two or more sails boat); It has a balanced music repertory; making it one of my favorites places.

Barnacle & Barrel

Located in the center of the Promenade Barnacle & Barrel is the typical English pub, where you can go with friends and talk while enjoying your favorite drink. It's a loud place with live music at nights, and have some external tables if you prefer something not so loud.


Located on deck thirteen at the aft side of the ship the sports area has many options for the sports adventurer. Training is provided prior entering some of the areas such as rock climbing, or surfing. Activities could be clasified based on age; activities as Sky Climbing are designed for children while rock climbing although anyone can use them; are more suited to teenagers or young adults.

Ice skate rink

The ice skate rink serves to purposes; the first it hosts a beautiful shows on ice called 'ICE undet the big top', and the second it becomes an ice skating rink for passengers where people all ages are allowed and encouraged to skate. Fun for all ages.

A virtual tour at the
Mariner of the Seas

The following are a few pictures of the places to go, and things to do at the ship.